Rachel Ivanboim

Social entrepreneur, prominent in the emerging Haredi civil society. Involved with the status of Haredi women and the integration of the Haredi community within Israeli society. Founder and director of the “Movilot” program, business leadership for outstanding academic Haredi women. Head of the Haredi section of the “Shacharit” Institute whose goal is to create a new social partnership in the State of Israel. Served as the director of the “Meir Panim” social welfare organization, a founder of “Meuravot”—coalition for Haredi Women, and a leader in the “If we can’t be elected, we won’t vote” movement which called for women’s representation in Haredi politics. BA in Communications and Sociology from the Open University. Mentor of young activists in the Haredi Community, consults on social projects, writes for the press and lectures widely about the Haredi sector and developing trends within it.