Young Leaders

Youth Encounters Seminar

Gesher runs programming for Israeli youth by bringing together schools of different religious affiliations. Through the programming that is led by Gesher facilitators, the students familiarize themselves with the other and begin to engage in dialogue.

IDF Officer Training

Every year, over 6,000 IDF soldiers participating in officer training and undergo an intensive weeklong seminar on how to lead a team of soldiers who may all be very different from them and each other. The goal is to model that even where there is deep disagreement in ideology, there can be tremendous brotherhood in practice.

Dialogue Yisraeli

“Dialogue Yisraeli” will lead to a more cohesive society. The most significant factor perpetuating the dichotomous division between Haredim and General Israeli society is the separation that continues to exist and the lack of meeting the “other.” This manifests in education settings, in separate communities, etc… It’s etched into the consciousness of the youth and produces a powerful perpetuating mechanism. Therefore, the key to creating change is facilitating in person meetings between the groups. This program will bring Haredim into classrooms across Israel for a frank, open and deep discussion that will shatter stereotypes and break down barriers.



JHUB — Fostering Leaders That Trailblaze

Harnessing the power of Jerusalem’s dynamic business and tech ecosystems, JHub aims to launch a cadre of future business leaders and entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo and forge meaningful change.  We accelerate innovation and foster leadership by boosting potential…one career at a time. To learn more about JHUB, click here.