What did Gesher do to Commemorate Israel’s 70th?

What did Gesher do to Commemorate Israel’s 70th?

Last weekend Gesher facilitators led a two-day seminar for 70 high schoolers from all over Israel. In tandem with הצופים, בני עקיבא and השומר הצעיר, the students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other and engage in dialogue. By breaking down the barriers, they were able to harness their previously learned leadership skills and delve deeply into serious questions that often separate different sectors in Israel. Armed with their own experience now, these young leaders can go and promote cohesion within Israeli Society to build a better and more unified Israel amongst their friends and communities.

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Throughout the course of the workshop, one could sense and hear the progression of comfortability, understanding, and respect amongst the participants. As many of the participants pointed out, until now, they had not had the opportunity to sit and interact with those from different sectors in such an informal setting. They were surprised by how much they actually had in common with one another and how they could relate to the other in such a deep and meaningful manner.

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“Incredible Seminar! I had never taken part in such an open discussion like this one between religious and secular. The fact that we are all teenagers- roughly the same age, and facing similar situations significantly added to focus the discussions . The only difference was how we contributed to the discourse on subjects that we don’t usually get answers to. It was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t give up for anything!”

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What a beautiful way to go into celebrating Israel’s 70th birthday! Inspiring 70 new young leaders to cultivate relationships with our fellow Jews and build a better understanding of one another in our beautiful country.

Wishing you all a meaningful Yom Ha’Zikaron and celebratory Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Comment below to let us know you’re fun plans for the holiday!

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