Religious-Secular Encounter Seminars

Bringing together today's youth who grow up in isolated school school systems, is critical to building a shared future in Israel.

Gesher's multi-day Encounter Seminars shatter stereotypes, create channelsof communication and inspire mutual responsibilty and activism in today's youth. 

Highschoolers from secular and religious schools come together for  intensive 3-day transformational seminars that focus on critical issues of Jewish and Israeli identity, democracy and pluralism in a Jewish state.


  • -  Breaks down barriers between secular and religious youth

  • -  Facilitates effective communication  

  • -  Increases mutual understanding

  • -  Assists students define and express their Jewish-Israeli identity.


"We continue these seminars because it is a relatively short workshop that changes the attitudes and viewpoints of students and provides sustainability for the years to come." ~Nahariya School Teacher


*Gesher Encounter Seminars are funded in part by the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey.