Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

The screen is one of our generation’s most powerful tools. We are able to tell foundational stories, convey important concepts and stimulate public discourse. Often it is used to divide communities and spread tension, plaguing our people. Yet, the screen can also be a powerful solution. By communicating with the viewer on a deep emotional level, media creates an intimate bond between characters and viewers – bringing together viewers who would otherwise never interact.

For more than two decades, The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund (GMFF) and the AVI CHAI Foundation have partnered in funding and production of over 500 broadcast hours of cinema and television, including award winning feature films, drama series’ and documentaries. This success in bringing the Jewish Story and Jewish content to the screen leads to a timely initiative.


·  Deliver a unique media experience to millions of viewers in Israel and abroad.

·  Expose the Israeli public to the 'other' in a positive light

·  Create a lasting impact on an emotional level

To build on their success, these two foundations have launched “The Film & Media Collaborative” advancing common goals by creating an unprecedented funding scheme. Today, we provide a diverse and rich array of Jewish identity programming on the screen and continue to lead a revolution in Israeli society.

The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund(GMFF) supports the production of films and television programs that reflect the diversity of Israeli culture and correct the stereotypical images of minority segments of society. The fund provides grants and editorial guidance to veteran film-makers, and scholarships and training for promising young scriptwriters, producers, and directors emerging from minority segments of the population.   

The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund’s Jerusalem Brew, Ushpizin and Shtissel are just a few of the top-rated television shows and movies who have shown a large scale impact on Israeli Society.

Watch the Trailer for Shtissel's Season 1 Now!  Season 2 is to debut in 2015!

*The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund is supported by the Israeli Film Council and the Ministry of Culture and Sport.