Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

In today’s modern world, television and film are among the most popular and important communication and cultural media.  Gesher strives to harness the power of these media in order to reach the widest possible audience in the most effective way.

The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund(GMFF) supports the production of films and television programmes that reflect the diversity of Israeli culture and correct the stereotypical images of minority segments of society. The fund provides grants and editorial guidance to veteran film-makers, and scholarships and training for promising young scriptwriters, producers, and directors emerging from minority segments of the population.   

Though less than a decade in existence the 150 GMFF-supported films, television series and documentaries have helped break down stereotypes and have achieved considerable national and international success as well. 

The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund’s “Jerusalem Brew” is one of the top-rated television shows in Israeli history. It was awarded a triple crown in Israel’s equivalent of the Emmy Awards for Best Show, Best Actor and Best Actress. The show marks a breakthrough in Israeli TV, being the first ever TV series based on a traditional Jewish family – a typical Israeli story: the grandfather who is a rabbi from Jerba, his son a prominent property developer and his three children – one who is orthodox (Haredi), one who is secular and the third still searching.

Some viewers comments on “Jerusalem Brew” (Meurav Yerushalmi)

“With the whole television culture today that is at such a low level, this series raised the bar. The creators deserve so much praise. I thank you with all my heart for the privilege of watching this series.”

“It deals courageously and honestly with questions of conscience and morality that are not simple, looks directly at difficulties and questions that often baffle people and make them uncomfortable. This is a series that teaches and empowers.”

In development are two new dramatic TV series: Addis - the first Israeli drama series on an Ethiopian-Israeli family, and a drama series that takes place among the "ex-pat" Israeli community in far-away Kathmandu.

The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund is supported by the Israeli Film Council and the Ministry of Culture and Sport.