IDF Officer Training Course

An effective soldier is one who identifies deeply with the cause for which he fights.


Unfortunately, in its young history, Israel’s sons and daughters have been called upon to defend their country all too often. High morale is directly related to a deep sense of Jewish identity and as that identity weakens, so does the will of Israel’s soldiers.

Officers and those under their command are faced with difficult challenges which often put their Jewish values and ethics to the test, while civilian casualties, intense international scrutiny and media misrepresentation can erode even the most dedicated soldier's determination.


The IDF Officer Cadets Jewish Identity Training program seeks to strengthen Jewish and Zionist identity of Israeli soldiers, clarify questions of values and heighten motivation for meaningful military service. The sessions are filled with intense workshops, seminars, presentations, role-playing activities, and tours of Jewish and Zionist sites.


These young men and women comprise a diverse spectrum of Israeli society - religious and secular, immigrants and native-born Israelis. They have been selected and are being groomed for leadership positions in the IDF. Many go on to become influential in Israeli society. As military officers, they will serve as role models and guides for their troops; as future civilian leaders, they will shape Israeli society for a generation to come. 

In order to become a commissioned officer, every one of the thousands of cadets that the IDF trains annually must participate in this program. Over 40,000 young officers have participated in the Gesher-IDF Officers' Jewish Identity Training program since its inception more than ten years ago. This unique relationship between Gesher and the IDF continues to grow in strength.