IDF Officer Training Course

The IDF is the central meeting point for Israelis of all backgrounds.  Soldiers face hard-hitting dilemmas that exploit cultural barriers and threaten to divide where the costs are grave. Israel’s soldiers must learn to appreciate a shared set of Jewish values and work together towards common goals despite their many differences.  If we can overcome differences within the IDF, we stand a chance at bettering Israeli society for the years to come.

Gesher's IDF Officer's Training Course is delivered to every officer today.  The 6,000 young men and women who are carefully selected by the IDF each year for leadership positions undergo this intensive 5 day seminar. With Gesher delivering two days of the program and the rest coordinated in conjuction with our expert educators. As military officers, these cadets will serve as role models and guides for their troops, and as future citizen leaders, they will shape Israeli society for generations to come.


·   Foster positive interactions in place of dangerous internal conflict & distrust

·   Strengthen Jewish morale, ideals and values as a foundation of IDF service

·   Shape a cohort of future leaders in Israel’s military and civilian sectors


Utilizing this platform, those at the forefront of Israel’s defense will develop a shared identity that prizes Jewish values and promotes tolerance of diversity – helping Israel overcome its most pressing threats.