Young Leaders

Youth Encounters Seminar

Gesher runs programming for Israeli youth by bringing together schools of different religious affiliations. Through the programming that is led by Gesher facilitators, the students familiarize themselves with the other and begin to engage in dialogue.

IDF Officer Training

Every year, over 6,000 IDF soldiers participating in officer training and undergo an intensive weeklong seminar on how to lead a team of soldiers who may all be very different from them and each other. The goal is to model that even where there is deep disagreement in ideology, there can be tremendous brotherhood in practice.

Shevet Achim

University-level students from different sectors of Israeli society strategize in pairs – usually of one Haredi and one non-Haredi student – actionable solutions for dealing with Israeli societal rifts. Students also volunteer in high schools across the country to convey and model the importance of familiarity among the different religious groups.