Young Leaders

IDF Officer Training

The IDF is a central meeting point for Israelis of all backgrounds. It is, for many, the first time an Israeli will encounter a Jew from a different background.  During their service, soldiers confront hard-hitting dilemmas that exploit cultural barriers and threaten to deepen the cultural divides even further. As their first time encountering a multicultural environment, it is crucial for IDF soldiers to receive the necessary programming to appreciate and respect those from different backgrounds and learn to work together towards common goals.


Gesher provides that programming. Gesher’s IDF Officer’s Training Course is delivered to every officer today.  The 6,000 young men and women who are carefully selected by the IDF each year for leadership positions undergo this intensive weeklong seminar. As military officers, these cadets serve as role models and guides for their troops, and as future citizen leaders, they will shape Israeli society for generations to come.

School Seminars

Because of the siloed educational system in Israel, Israeli youth are isolated. Many grow up hardening their ideologies, unfamiliar with any other type of Judaism, other than the one they hold. Bringing together youth from different backgrounds, is critical to building a shared future in Israel.


Gesher runs programming for Israeli youth by bringing together schools of different religious affiliations. Through the programming that is led by Gesher facilitators, the students familiarize themselves with the other and begin to engage in dialogue.