The Gesher Leadership Institute

The Gesher Leadership Institute nurtures and trains Israeli leaders to forge connections and unity between different sectors of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora. Consisting of different tracks, the Institute brings together leaders from different employment fields and different religious backgrounds.


The Institute’s fellows are “change agents” who are influential in their fields in Israeli society.  Following on from their participation in the course, the leaders promote inter-sectoral discussion and partnership between the ultra-Orthodox, religious, traditional and secular sectors.  In addition, they are active in strengthening the relationship between Israel and Jewish communities in the Diaspora. To learn more, click here.


Project COMMUNITY is one of the tracks offered by the Gesher Leadership Institute. In partnership with the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Project COMMUNITY brings together Israeli leaders from different employment fields and different religious backgrounds, with an emphasis on Diaspora Jewry. Each course consists of an in-depth introduction to Diaspora Jewry in order to open the participants’ minds and hearts to the views and needs of Jews around the world, and instill a sense of deep responsibility towards their Diaspora brethren.


Each course consists of four sessions and a week-long mission to a major Diaspora Jewish community. The trip abroad exposes the participants to the multi-faceted ways Judaism is practiced around the world as well as the unique challenges that each community is forced to confront. Participants learn first-hand how various Jewish communities relate to Israel and how this has evolved over the last number of years.

Fellow Projects

Alumni from the Gesher Leadership Institute develop and implement relevant initiatives and projects that promote co-existence. These projects transform the knowledge and experienced gained from the course into real-life solutions to the issue of disunity.


The course participants are strongly encouraged to create projects that promote discussion and integration of the different parts of the Israeli society and between Israel and the Diaspora.   The Gesher Leadership Institute provides support in the brainstorming, planning and implementation processes of all projects. We also offer guidance from expert mentors and financial support for specific initiatives.